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For Information about the Elmont FD call the Chiefs' Office at 516-354-4560. The firehouses are located at 96 Gotham Ave., 36 Plainfield Ave., 155 Elmont Road, 95 Lehrer Ave , 301 Meacham Ave. and 2019 Linden Blvd

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Home Fire Safety Tips

Prepare the house.

  1. Install and test smoke detectors and install night lights near floor to aid escape.
  2. Install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors.
  3. Make sure that there are two exits for every room.
  4. Keep bedroom doors closed while sleeping.
  5. Ensure that all windows, doors, and other escape options can be opened, even by children.

Create a good escape plan.

  1. Meet with entire family and make a plan about what to do in case of a fire.
  2. Write down a step-by-step procedure for escape.
  3. Choose a meeting place outside the house after the evacuation.
  4. Emphasize that it's vital to NEVER go back into the house. Once you are out, stay out!

Practice your escape plan.

  1. Choose a monitor to sound the alarm at time of the drill.
  2. Establish a secondary escape route.
  3. Use a smoke detector as your sounding device.
  4. Practice alternate escape routes from every room.
  5. Roll out of bed when you hear an alarm.
  6. Feel doors with back of your hand for heat prior to opening.
  7. If door is hot use alternate escape route.
  8. Stay low during escape because heat and smoke rise.
  9. Practice crawling fast and try to improve your time.
  10. Maintain constant contact with the walls.      


  1. Put closed doors between you and the smoke.
  2. Stuff cracks and cover vents to keep smoke out.
  3. Signal from a window with a flashlight or sheet.
Escaping from a multi-story building

  1. Identify route to nearest stairway.
  2. Identify a safe way to the ground level.
  3. Set up special arrangements needed for escape. (ropes, ladders, etc.)
  4. Identify safe area if unable to reach ground level.
  5. Create special plans for disabled people and children.

Smoke Detector/ Carbon Monoxide Detector Safety Tips.

  1. Install detectors on EVERY floor.
  2. Vacuum your detectors.
  3. Replace the battery at every time change (Spring and Fall).
  4. Make sure the detectors can be heard with the doors closed.
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