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For Information about the Elmont FD call the Chiefs' Office at 516-354-4560. The firehouses are located at 96 Gotham Ave., 36 Plainfield Ave., 155 Elmont Road, 95 Lehrer Ave , 301 Meacham Ave. and 2019 Linden Blvd

Engine 3
Elmont East End Chemical Engine and Hose Company (703)
301 Meacham Avenue Elmont,NEW YORK - 11003-3241

Engine Co # 3 of the Elmont Fire Department was organized in May 1924 by a group of neighborhood men who saw that there was a need for a pumper on the East End of town. At the current time only Engine Co # 1 on Gotham Ave, Engine Co #2 on Plainfield Ave, and Truck Co # 1on Elmont Road existed. The men living in the area of Meacham Avenue assembled and raised enough funds to purchase a used 1924 American Lafrance pumper, and the original firehouse, a 24 x 24 wood frame garage. The original firehouse stood on the property, which is now Guidos Deli, and was only torn down several years ago. The original charter members included Jacob Zilm President, William Weber Captain, Eddie Markolf Secretary, August Zunno Financial Secretary, & Charles Krauss Sr. Treasurer.

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In the 1920's Elmont, still being a predominately farm area, saw the boys of Engine Co #3 responding to many hay and barn fires. It was very seldom in those days that Engine 3 left the East End of town to respond to the West End where Elmont really bustled with businesses due to the Belmont Race Track. Most of the Business in town existed along Hempstead Tpke, which is now Argo Village.

The Late 1920's brought about big changes for Engine Co #3 and the Elmont area in general. In 1928 all the fire companies of Elmont united together to form one Fire Department. Engines 1,2,3 and trucks 1 & 2 all became part of the Elmont Fire Department.

In 1929 Engine Co # 3 purchased a new firehouse across the street from their existing house. The building at 340 Meacheam Avenue is still standing today, and is still owned by Engine Co # 3. That year the company also received a new 1929 American Lafrance pumper, which was far more powerful than the one they had.

In 1938 Engine Co # 3 saw their first Chief of Department elected to office he was Carl Wahl. The 1930's also bought about changes in the types of calls they responded to. In 1936 Engine Co #3 fought a major building fire and explosion in the vicinity of Kirkman Ave which was the Long Island Fireworks factory plant. The explosion leveled 8 buildings and the blast was felt miles away.

In the 1940's Engine Co #3 responded to many water rescues and drownings at the lake which is now Averill Park. 1949 was a tragic year for Engine 3 with the line-of- duty death of a founding member and ex captain August Zunno. He was accidentally run over responding to an alarm. Ironically he had christened the 1949 truck, which killed him. Engine 3 had their second chief John Wortman elected to office of Chief of Department in 1948-1949.

In 1954 the members of Elmont Engine Co # 3 decided to construct a newer and larger firehouse next door to the one they had. The members saw the trucks getting bigger and felt they would out grow their firehouse, and as the company grew in numbers they needed more room for meetings. This ended up being a very wise move in years to come because the trucks did get bigger, and bigger. The new firehouse committee consisted of Fred Brown "building chairman" an Engine 3 50-year member from 1929-1979, and Jorgan Peterson who helped design plans for the new building. Jorgan Peterson or "Pete" as we refer to him joined Engine 3 in 1946 and received his 50-year plaque and ex-chief status in 1996. Pete is still an active member of Engine Co # 3. Also serving on the committee, and practically building the new firehouse, was Larry Lacalandra a bricklayer in the company. In 1955 the current firehouse at 301 Meacheam Avenue a 50' x 85' building was completed. The men of Engine 3 along with the help of the Ladies Auxiliary ran many fundraisers to help pay for the new building. Some of these fundraisers included carnivals at TSS parking lot " now Home Depot", St Patrick's Day dinners, and Halloween parties at the firehouse. Incredibly in 1964 Engine 3 celebrated the burning of the mortgage having paid off their new building in ten years with no burden to the taxpayers.

In 1955 Rescue Co # 1 of the Elmont Fire Department was formed and George Fales Jr. and ex-chief from Engine 3 was their first captain, George had served as our 3rd chief from the company in 1952-1953. In 1957 Engine 3 took delivery of there 4th pumper, a 1952 American Lafrance. This 1000-gallon per minute pumper was purchased from the Belmont racetrack where it was seldomly used. This truck remained in service for 15 years until it was replaced in 1972 by our 5th truck, a 1972 Mack CF 1000 gallon per minute pumper. This truck was a lot larger than what the men were used to at that time, but men of Engine 3 adapted quickly making rapid efficient use of the new rig.

In October of 1990 Engine 3 received their 6th truck in company history, a 1990 Spartan/Saulsbury 1500 gallon per minute closed cab pumper. This was a big change for the company as the jumpseats were now enclosed, and the men could no longer ride the outside or top of the truck. With this truck we also received 5" or larger diameter hose for bigger fires, a luxury we did not have prior to 1990. Through the 90's to the present, Engine 3 has seen many more changes in how we operate. In 1995 the Elmont Fire Department purchased new bunker gear to help protect the firefighters ending the days of roll up boots. New Scott Packs were also purchased several years ago.

In 1999 Engine Co # 3 celebrated their 75th Anniversary. Currently Engine 3 operates a 2010 Ferrara pumper, which can pump over 2000 gallons per minute and has state of the art equipment on it. This truck, our 7th rig, was put in to service in September of 2010. Engine Co # 3 currently still owns and responds from there firehouse located at 301 Meacheam Avenue, Elmont N.Y. 11003. There are currently 34 firefighters serving actively in Engine Co # 3.

Engine 3 responds to approximately 800 runs a year,  including fires, auto accidents, and various other alarms.



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