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For Information about the Elmont FD call the Chiefs' Office at 516-354-4560. The firehouses are located at 96 Gotham Ave., 36 Plainfield Ave., 155 Elmont Road, 95 Lehrer Ave , 301 Meacham Ave. and 2019 Linden Blvd

Heavy Rescue
Heavy Rescue Company (705)
95 Lehrer Avenue Elmont,NEW YORK - 11003-2431

Rescue was formed in 1965 to provide Fire-Rescue and Ambulance  services to the residents of Elmont. Prior to the company being formed, the ambulance response was provided by dedicated department members from all companies, known as the "Emergency & Relief Squad." Department members with the best training of that time-(advanced first aid)  responded with the ambulance. Members eventually were required to be EMTs or AEMTs. The First Aid Squad-responded to an assortment of medical emergency situations.

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In 1988 the  the ambulance service was transferred to an EMS Squad. Heavy Rescue then concentrated on firefighting along with rescue operations at auto accidents and other emergencies.
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We currently operate a 2010 Ferrara Heavy Rescue truck. This  truck  carries all extrication equipment, forcible entry tools, specialized tools, an on-board generator, portable lighting equipment and an adjustable light tower.

Members of  Heavy Rescue Company # 1 who have served as Chief of the Elmont Fire Department:

Chief George Fales, Jr. 1952-1953

Chief John "Pop" Ferguson 1963-1964

Chief Richard Loser, Jr. 1973-1974

Chief Charles Brulet 1977-1978

Chief Joseph Saudo, Sr. 1984-1985

Chief Michael Romano 1989-1990 (Last Alarm 6-4-09)

Chief Robert Mitarotonda 1998-1999

Chief Edward Lutz  2004-2006


Heavy Rescue Quarters

January 159
February 116
March 137
April 121
May 126
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