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Residents Should Always Be Prepared During Hurricane Season

Many people learned some valuable lessons during Hurricane Irene last year. If another hurricane or tropical storm were to hit our area again, the Elmont Fire Department wants to reinforce the need for everyone to have an emergency plan in place ahead of time, in order to help you and your family stay organized and safe. The items you have on hand when a hurricane hits can make the difference in how well you handle the event.


It's important to note the difference between a Hurricane watch and warning. A watch is issued 48 hours in advance when sustained hurricane winds of 74 miles per hour or more are possible in our area. A warning is issued 36 hours in advance when sustained hurricane winds of 74 miles per hour or more will move through our area.


In the event of a storm, residents should listen to local radio stations for instructions and storm updates. Have a battery-powered radio with extra batteries on hand, in the event the electric goes out. If the power has not been affected, News 12 Long Island and the Weather Channel will also provide up-to-date information. 


If reports indicate a potential tropical storm or hurricane, a good rule of thumb is to plan for five days. Residents should have the following items on hand:


   Bottled water - at least one gallon per person per day

   Non-perishable food items that do not need to be refrigerated 

   Multi-purpose knife to open household items, foods, etc.

   Manual can opener

   First aid kit for your home and your car, with essential prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as medical information ready 

   Personal hygiene items - toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. 

   Bring necessary eye glass care, contact solutions, etc. 

   Each member of your family should have a flashlight

   Change of clothes for each day that you will be relocated 

   Cash on hand as ATM machines and credit cards won't work, if the power is out

   Fill your car up with gas beforehand


In the event of an evacuation, secure important documents such as wills, and birth and marriage certificates in containers. Know how to turn off your water, electricity, and gas (if you use natural gas) in your home. Unplug major appliances. Clear your yard of loose objects, hanging plants and garbage cans. Contact LIPA if someone in your family uses life-support equipment. Call LIPA customer service representatives at 1-800-490-0025.


If you do not have to evacuate, have your necessary supplies ready and stay indoors. If you have storm drains outside your home, make sure the drains are clear of leaves and debris so that the rain can flow into them without any obstructions.